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January 5, 2018



Gistas mi owon,

Ken tii ke? Shey dede e jor? Happy New Year!!! Speaking of 'new', let's talk about  New Year Resolutions...my new year resolutions.


So I had an ‘Ah Ah’ moment aka Epiphany (love that word), that Consistency is the key to me being able to stick to my resolutions this year, instead of like before before.


Now, I know what I need to reach my goals. You should have seen me o Gista, jotting down my resolutions, with the excitement of sweet belly.


Then, it dawned on me that this Consistency no be ‘moinmoin tinz’ aka small feat. What to do? I noticed that I began to feel overwhelmed by the thought that, perhaps I was just kidding myself… having so many goals, some of them far fetched sef. 





I’ll give you an example, one of my resolutions is to complete the draft of a book I’ve been working on. “Yea right! How?” the voice said. Don’t ask me ‘who?’ abeg. All I know is that it was a voice, I can’t shout.


Anyway, I remembered promising myself that this time would be different…I WILL GET ‘THERE’. I reminded myself that as long as I am Consistent ‘baabu flovlem’/no problem. Now, ‘how do I stay consistent?’ My plate is so full as it is- businesses, family, volunteer work, school…and the list goes on. Where will My dreams aka resolutions fit in the scheme of things? And right there is the crux of this gist.


So I said to myself, “Self, wetin dey o? How we go take manage dis Consistent tin?” And that’s how myself came up with ‘ABD of Consistency’. Yes, I know the letter ‘C’ is missing, it’s been missing from Yoruba alphabet since the beginning, we too we are trying to find it. I digress.

One thing I realized is- like most endeavor dis ‘Consistency’ tin is a process o, a journey of sorts, not a finite point of arrival. Therefore, it lends itself to repetition coupled with adjustments as needed, the key though is to keep going. That said I have noted three key tips for staying consistent. Ok? Ok, here we go:


A is for Assign Time. Once you have determined what steps/tasks you need to take towards your resolution/goal, assign time to that activity. Be specific. In Ondo, we say “Owuo kutu e ti san amo tutu i.” I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “There is time for EVERYTHING” abi?  Well, same to same. Be as specific with the time you assign, be it daily, weekly or ‘gbogboely’, be specific. For example with my book, I plan to spend 15minutes every day at 5am on a creative writing exercise called Morning Pages. And I will to guard this allotted time closely and your should too. That’s why I chose 5am, when my household is at its quietest. Remember this is for YOU. If you fail to manage time wella, you will forever be a slave to it.


B is for Be Intentional. In Yoruba there’s a saying, “Aniyan ni gbogbo nkan.” Everything stems from our thoughts, our intentions. In wise words of Yanni, love his music by the way Everything great that has ever happened to humanity since the beginning, has begun as a single thought in someone’s mind and if anyone of us is capable of such a great thought then all of us have the same capacity, capability, because we are all the same.”

Arey vah! As in, nothing left to say after that ke…Once you have assigned a time frame to an activity. Decide what you ‘intend’ to accomplish with this activity in that frame of time. For me, I intend to use the 15 min Morning Page time practice my writing and write a paragraph of the story for my book. In fact, at the end of each session, ask yourself “How did I do?” pat yourself on the back for a job well done and plan to do better the next time.


D is for Do It. Simple. Just do it. Please. I would get on my knees to beg, but being the tall lass that I am, my knees are far from the ground. Sorry. The hardest part is starting, and trust me I know. For the longest time I resisted venturing into NEW things, unless I was absolutely sure that I would succeed at it. Why? Well I’m an Akobi aka First borne, but more on that later. Seriously though, in Ondo we say “Akoyin igbado o wo soo jui.” meaning “Though the most difficult, the most important step is the first step.” So get on with it make a mistake or two…or if you’re like me plan to make a dozen, I’m awkward like that, just be sure to learn from them and keep going. You can then come back to revise/edit. Don’t believe the hype there are no ‘win-lose’ situations in life, only ‘win-learn’ And, you only learn when you do.


Are you are! The ABD of Consistency, shoki style aka Short and Sweet. 

Now, let’s go git it. 

Have a fruitful week y’all, plump with endless opportunities.  


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